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What do you want to know? Apart from the fact that I am a perfectionist to the point where the thought of leaving the house without making the bed gives me heart palpitations, my dog has stolen my heart (my husband is fully aware), I have watched every police/prison/crime documentary going and I love cheese a bit too much some may say...

On to the real stuff though, I have worked in events for 15 years. I am lucky enough to have worked on so many; club nights, corporate dinners, charity fundraisers of every kind and parties & weddings galore. I love it. Quite simple. But what I love more is the adrenaline on the day, running around like a mad hatter (if no one is watching) or a graceful swan (if someone is). Making sure that all the finer details that our clients have worked so crazy hard to pull together look just as they wanted. 

I genuinely started Occasion Queens out of a desire to ensure that everyone on the day of their celebration is totally stress free, I really want you to be in the moment, creating memories and soaking up every single minute.