So, your venue has a you need Occasion Queens?

You’ve said “YES”, you’ve milked the engaged status for as long as poss and you’ve booked a venue. You’re on track.  You’ve got an idea in your head of how your wedding day will play out, and we bet that vision isn’t of you running around, checking your watch, and making sure Uncle John has gotten his gluten free dessert… or was that for Greg’s new girlfriend on table 3…?

Enter OQ. But wait! Your venue has a coordinator “who will do everything for you on your special day, pinky promise”. 

Don’t get us wrong, we work with the very best venues who have the very best coordinators, who will do everything on your special day, probably including jumping behind the bar to serve guests, collecting glasses, and making sure the caterers know where to set up.  All definitely legitimate aspects of the day that need to be managed.

But what about updating you on developments throughout the day, reassuring you the DJ has arrived, coordinating your group photos with your kick-ass photographer, rounding up the bridesmaids, telling the best man it’s time for his speech, getting you a glass of Champagne *massive inhale*, waiting outside in the rain for your Routemaster to arrive with an umbrella so your hair doesn’t get ruined (Nina’s hair is wet 90% of the time), hooking you up with the finest suppliers in the industry, being your soundboard for ideas….Ok, we’re rambling but you get the idea.

We’ve hung 1,000 Japanese paper cranes from a glass mezzanine, expertly set up an Iranian Sofreh Aghd, held a bucket under a leak in the roof during speeches to stop the sound of the drips hitting the floor, and turned more dinner receptions into dancefloors than we can count, and we absolutely love it.  The magic of OQ is that it’s YOUR vision that comes to life, not the cookie cutter weddings you’ve seen a hundred times over.

We LOVE venue coordinators, they know where the AC is, they’re the license holders (because you know, booze), they keep the staff in check amongst a bazillion other things (like giving us biscuits).  We are your best friend on your wedding day, think chief bridesmaid on steroids, minus that 5th glass of fizz by midday.  A good on the day coordinator is hard to come by.  People do this all the time, right?  RIGHT! But we’re not your standard on the day coordinator; we listen to your vision, nudge you in the right direction, put together a bullet proof schedule, coordinate your suppliers and lend an ear.  We’re there before you arrive, and sometimes there after you leave but we usually wave adios once you’ve hit the dance floor.  Join in, you say? M’kay! *Siri, play Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles*

The team at Occasion Queens build relationships with you, your partner, your gran, and your bestie.  We’re there for you every step of the way and we know, we know, biggest cliché ever but our couples have said some bloody lovely things about us so we like to think we’re doing something right.

So, how does this all work, we hear you cry (dramatic much).  You’re already on the website, just head over to our wedding coordination page.  We’ve got 5 packages available starting from £160 so just have a scroll through and let us know which package you think will suit your vision best.  Underneath the scope of work, you’ll find a handy timeline of what’s included in each package.  Of course, if you’re not sure, we’re more than happy to guide you.

Happy planning x