The Sweetest Trend: Donut Walls

Occasion Queens have got a ‘hole’ lotta love for this tasty trend!

The year 2015 was undeniably the year of the cupcake, but last year we witnessed the arrival of a new and utterly adorable dessert craze, now winning the hearts of our nation – Donut Walls.

Instagram is full of them, Pinterest can’t get enough, and they’re the first thing on so many of our bride and groom’s party checklists; but why are donut walls so popular?

1.       Believe it or not, donuts are not just great for eating. They also double up as the perfect décor feature for any party, and a really exciting dessert table backdrop.

  Source:  Love My Dress

Source: Love My Dress

  Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

2.       They come in so many colours, shapes, sizes and flavours that you can easily tailor your donuts to your theme.

  Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

  Source:  Amy & Jordan

Source: Amy & Jordan

3.        Donuts are an affordable treat making this option much cheaper than a traditional cake.

  Source: Etsy

Source: Etsy

  Source:  Boho Weddings

Source: Boho Weddings

4.        They're basically made for puns...

5.        Everybody loves a donut - from your littlest flower girl to your oldest granparent!

It’s hard to find a reason not to love a donut wall, and we’re sure your party guests will agree.

What's even better – we have one for hire! You can dress it however you want, with whatever décor or floral arrangement fits your theme or colours and fill with the exact donuts you desire. Just contact us for more details!

 Photo:  Fleming Photo

Photo: Fleming Photo

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