Top 10 tips for what to do during lockdown when planning your wedding

Although the country is currently on lockdown, that doesn't mean you can’t embrace all things wedding planning and get VERY excited! 

There is a lot out there right now about how to postpone your wedding and do you need to cancel, and that’s because for many this is a real heart wrenching time. However, here at OQ, we are all about being positive and now more than ever, we need to spread some cheer and give people something to look forward to! 

So, here are our top ten tips on what to do during this time to keep you excited and looking forward to your big day! 

  1. Learn calligraphy - why not become a master and then do all your own wedding invites or on the day stationery?
  2. Make your own confetti. We are all desperate to get outside so if you are lucky enough to have a garden full of flowers get out there and start drying those petals to make beautiful confetti. It’s also a great job to give mums and family and friends who may also be struggling with things to do right now!
  3. DIY it all! There is so much you can make for your big day whether it be signs from bits of wood in the garage or your own wedding invites, start getting those creative juices flowing and see where it takes you!
  4. Create an Amazon wish list. There are going to be so many little bits that you will need for your big day, now's the time to start that wish list of what to order nearer the time. It may be pens for your guest book or a cake stand for your dessert table. As you will not be so rushed, you can have a proper look at what you want.
  5. Look at what the ideal thank you gifts will be. Now more than ever small businesses need your support so start using this time to see what the perfect thank you gifts would be for your parents and bridal party.
  6. Nail your planning!! This is the time where you can make sure you have ticked all the boxes. Have you got a really good list together, is your budget is on track and you can confirm what suppliers you want to use? Your suppliers need you right now so if you have been hanging on to confirm them and have the funds to do so, it would be amazing if you can make them do their happy dance right now by paying that deposit!
  7. Get that sewing kit out! Start making your own bunting, fabric backdrop (with a quote on using the calligraphy skills you are also working on!) or embroider your wedding date in blue thread to the inside of your dress as your something blue!
  8. Pinterest your dream wedding! Keep that excitement going and starting pinning to your heart's content. Check out our Pinterest blog on the perfect way to curate this.
  9. Video chat with your bridal party! Get everyone involved in one big Zoom chat, make sure everyone has wine, snacks and some music playing. It’s a great way for the groomsmen and bridesmaids to get to know each other! And such a lovely 
  10. Look at your wedding budget. If your wedding has been postponed, are there areas that you originally couldn’t afford that now, given the extra time to save, you can think about having to make your day even more perfect? You definitely deserve it!!

Either way, keep smiling, keep positive and enjoy everything that gets you one step closer to marrying the one you love.