Wedding Do's and Do Not's

If you haven’t been married before then how are you meant to know the top tips for making your day the best ever? Well, here are our tops tips of do’s and don’ts to help with the planning process and on the day itself. Learn the lessons of those that have been there, done that and got the ring…



Don’t rush into buying your dress. Unless you have ‘that moment’ straight away, wait. Keep trying different styles and have an open mind. Keep doing so until you find the one dress that means you have no doubts when you hand over that card to pay hundreds, maybe even thousands, of pounds. Why? Because getting your dress this far in advance of the wedding means that you’re going to keep seeing new styles and looks and new seasons that you may absolutely love! So make sure you completely adore your dress before you buy. So many brides we speak to have second thoughts and want a new dress in the months leading up to their day so make sure you completely love it.

Don’t feel under pressure to order or buy from any suppliers. Lots of suppliers put out amazing deals that expire within a deadline. Don’t go for it! Make sure you’ve done your research before handing over any deposit. If that means that the deal finishes or you miss their 24 hour confirmation deadline, so be it. Believe in fate a little bit and know that you’ll find something just as amazing. Don’t forget there are thousands of suppliers out there for every part of your wedding day so if you don’t get this deal or this supplier, something just as good will come along that will probably work out better! You can always book a session with us if you’re unsure

Don’t sweat the small stuff! So some of your candles are ivory and some are white. Your fiancé’s long lost school friend has been in touch 2 days before and now wants to come. Your garter is still in the packaging at your mum’s house. The seating plan isn’t exactly as you wanted it. So? Are you marrying the man of your dreams? Are you surrounded by all your loved ones? Brilliant! You’re having the best day of your life – enjoy!



Do have a buffer fund for those hidden costs. Are you creating hangover kits to go in your guests’ bedrooms? Great! Check with your hotel if there’s a concierge charge for putting each bag in the room. Forgot to tell the band you want them to set up earlier than originally agreed? They may charge! A candelabra suddenly breaks at the venue overnight – it’s down to you to pay for it. Don’t leave yourself completely short of money as it gets closer to your wedding day. There are always last minute surprises and you don’t want to be stressing about money on top of everything else!

Do delegate. Your bridesmaids are there to help and support you, your groomsmen are there to help and support you, your immediate family are there to help and support you - so don’t take all the strain yourself. This could be the biggest event you have ever organised, you may not have planned anything like this before, and it may all seem like a lot to do and quite daunting. So delegate. Assign jobs to people to ease your mind and your workload. The people around you will be only too happy to feel like they are giving you the support you need to make your day extra special.

Do be in the moment. Make sure that in the days leading up to the wedding, and especially the morning of your big day, you’re relaxed and in the moment. Take the time to be appreciative of spending quality time with your family and friends. All these people are coming together for you and your husband to be so keep that in mind, reflect on what it is important and make sure you soak up those memories.

Do be explicit. In the week leading up to the wedding you will find that you have a lot of last minute jobs to do and people to pay. Get some paper, pin it to the wall and write down for each day leading up to it what you have to do, what you have to remember and who is doing what. This way your other half will see what has to be done, he can then help and it will clear your head, allowing you to sleep better at night!

Do make sure the groom knows exactly what he needs to do and bring on the day. Lists! Give your husband to be a list of what he needs to do on the morning, what he needs to bring with him and timings! Just because you have told him 10 thousand times doesn’t necessarily mean he will remember. Most grooms are pretty stressed about having to give their speech and this tends to distract them from literally everything else, understandably.
Do give yourself time. Try to make sure that all jobs are done at least the morning before the wedding. That way you can relax with your friends and family who are already starting to congregate. Being relaxed and able to sleep the night before is important!
Do think about the days before and after! Although lots of people concentrate on the day itself, don’t forget that the day before and the day after are all part of the process. Dinner with your family and bridal party the night before is always lovely as it breaks the ice for those that haven’t met before. Why not breakfast all together the day after? Especially if you’re all staying in the same hotel or nearby. Ask the hotel if you can have a private room and ask how much they will charge for others to join who may be staying nearby. That way you can all have a good gossip before you jet off on your honeymoon!

So there you have it, our top tips for making sure your day is as memorable and stress free day as possible. Want to make it even less stressful? Let us help you with suppliers, checklists, set up and on the day coordination. Visit our Wedding Packages to learn more.

Now all you have to do is marry the man of your dreams!