What to do to celebrate the original date you were meant to get married!

We know so many couples have now had to postpone their wedding and many will be faced with lockdown for when their original wedding was meant to be, BUT we don't see any reason why you shouldn't still celebrate!

So, here are our top ten ways to make your original wedding date a day to remember forever!!

  1.  Put a ring on it! There is no reason why you can't start wearing your wedding ring. You may want to wait until the new date but just in case they are engraved with the date, put them on! Enjoy wearing them for the date they were meant to be on and you can always take them off again the next day. 
  2. Zoom it! Create a massive Zoom party where you can have your ceremony, your party, and a good old catch up with everyone who was meant to be there. It will be a great way for people to meet, get some much needed laughter and why not ask your Dad or loved one to do a small toast to the happy couple! We all need a party right now, just make sure everyone brings their own bottle! Also, don't forget your suppliers! Your celebrant or planner or coordinator would love to be a part of it, we are invested in your wedding whether it is virtual or not! 
  3. Write a love letter. You know how we are all obsessed with love letters from wartime? Well, imagine how obsessed your great grandchildren would be with love letters during coronavirus time! Write a letter to each other on your original wedding date and keep it to open on your new date. Such a romantic way to remember this time you are going through.  
  4. Plant a love tree! Plant a tree, maybe a fruit tree or flower, on your original date and watch it grow - maybe by your new date there might be some fruit or the flowers would have bloomed.  
  5. Tik Tok your first dance! There is no reason why you still can't have your first dance, record it and put it out there for all to see. It would be good practice for when the time comes on the new date! 
  6. Buy a good bottle of wine or whiskey on the original date and keep it to be drunk on the new date. What a way to celebrate making it down the aisle! 
  7. Eat cake! I know the lockdown diet is taking its toll on all of us but if there was ever a date to make or buy a really good cake, your original wedding date is it! Cut the cake, video it and share it will all your loved ones. Then sit and enjoy it with a good glass of your favourite bubbles! 
  8. Get dressed up! There is no reason why you and your bridal party can't Zoom and get all dressed up in the morning, wear your dress or your suit and have a bloody good laugh! Put some music on, have some bucks fizz and croissants and still make it a beautiful memory. 
  9. Say your vows. There is a high chance that come the new wedding date a lot of us will be seeing the world a little differently, especially if you have survived lockdown together! So you may want to write new vows. Don't let the old ones go to waste!! Say them to each other (over Zoom, while putting your ring on, with your loved ones, just after getting ready with your bridal party, and before you cut the cake, toast with that glass of champagne and get the first dance underway) 
  10. Have a date night. There is no reason why you can't make this day a special one to remember forever. Make sure you get dressed up, set the table, open a good bottle of your favourite, get a takeaway or something yum from M&S (not an advertisement, just we all know that spoiling yourself food doesn't come from Aldi like it does the rest of the week!) and really take time to appreciate each other, knowing that one day in the future you will officially get to marry the one you love. 

Whatever you do, whether it be in your PJs or your wedding dress, your dressing gown or your lounge suit - remember this is all temporary. One day, not too far away, you will get to walk down the aisle surrounded by those that love you and become a husband or a wife, and remember, love always wins.