Which is the perfect wedding dress for my shape?

Wedding dress shopping can be HARD! Let's face it, there is so much pressure to get this right and not look back and feel annoyed with your dress choice. So we asked our friends over at Bella Sposa Bridal for some tips!

You want to feel like a thousand diamonds when it comes to your big day. There’s the hair, make up, tanning etc. but then there’s the dress. With modern brides expressing their confidence and individuality more, the options for bridal wear are ever expanding. As this exciting process begins, you’ll find yourself asking questions such as; How do I wedding dress shop? Should I wear a white or red dress? And finally What style dress should I pick? 

Well, you may have to confide in Wang about the red, but we can certainly help with the latter. Whilst we believe you should wear whatever your heart desires, there are some helpful tips offered by industry experts that can help in the process. Based on your body shape, all beautiful of course, these may help you narrow down your options.


Let’s start with you lovely hourglass shaped ladies. If you find yourself at around equal width in the bust and hips with a smaller waist, you’ll most likely be an hourglass shape. With a body like this it’s recommended that your wedding dress be a tighter fit to really accentuate those curves. Perfect shapes for this are Silhouette or mermaid/trumpet. The difference between a trumpet and mermaid being the height at which the gown flares out on the leg. Trumpet flares at the thigh to elongate the legs.

In terms of what not to do, it’s generally recommended to avoid fuller skirts such as ball gown, empire or princess style. This is due to it potentially giving the illusion that your lower body is larger than it actually is. But who are we to stop you if you want to look like a princess on your special day?

Pear shape

Next in the list of beautiful bodies is the pear shaped brides-to-be. If you’re flaunting some strong hips, potentially a more defined waist, you’ll be pear shaped. 

With a body shape like this you’ll want to show off those feminine neck and shoulders, without drowning them out, as well as accentuating the curves of your hips. For this we’d recommend a silhouette, fishtail or mermaid gown. A dress like this will really make you feel like you’re wearing a true fit. 

A dress that may not fit would be an empire dress, for the same above reason. Something to note on the topic of upper body; if you feel your shoulders are narrower or smaller, it might be worth considering a sleeved dress to bring balance.  

Apple shape

One of the most common body shapes, the apple. A lady with shoulders, bust, waist and hips of a fairly uniform width can be found in this category. You may find yourself with a narrower hip, and fuller torso. By choosing a flared skirt your body will offer balance and curves to compliment your shape. Also, you may have a great bust to show off, use it. Go for the V neckline.

Dresses perfect for such the job are Empire or A Line. 


For all of our strong or fast women, you may find yourself with a lean, toned body. As such you may be a little lighter on the curves. You’ve worked hard for this body so you too should be showing it off. Our recommendation for such a shape is either a Column or Sheath dress. These gowns will hug you tightly to really get you feeling luxurious and defined on your wedding day. To further add definition, a belt around the waist can pull the whole look together. A further note, don’t hesitate to show off those shoulders with a strapless or halter neck upper. 


Finally we come to our petite brides, found in all shapes and sizes, a petite bride is generally described as being under 5 ft 3. It’s recommended for the shorter female to avoid a dress shape such as a ballgown, for fear of the emphasised skirt overpowering well.. you. We want to try and elongate the body with fits such as a fitted bodice or Basque, this lengthens your torso and (if you wish to do so) draws attention to your waist. Other great options for your shape include Empire gowns, and for the unconventional bride a tea length dress could also suit. 

Now, in conclusion, whilst these guidelines come from experts within the bridal industry we believe a dress that suits you will be one that matches your own flare and personality. Here at Bella Sposa Bridal we ensure that your wedding dress shopping experience is one that’s tailored to you as a person, rather than a shape or size. If you’re looking for your perfect wedding dress, it’s time to get yourself in for an appointment and really get a feel for what it is you’re after - based on how it looks and feels on you.