Lauren Hubbard

Sales & Events Manager, Fullers Brewery

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Nina consulted for Fullers specifically looking at how we can increase our wedding offering across our focus sites. She took the time to visit all the pubs, showed us how best to utilise the space, what to offer that would attract the modern couple, and how to market this to reach our target audience - and it has definitely worked!

Thanks to Nina we are now working with venues on an individual basis to make sure they have the structures in place to run weddings perfectly on the day. We also utilise her other services within our packages to ensure our couples really do get the best experience possible from start to finish.

Nina showed our staff a whole new way of interacting with potential clients, giving brilliant training on showrounds. They are now able to bring weddings to life as they walk around the pubs and as you can see the excitement from couples build, you know they are going to book!

Nina's knowledge of the wedding industry and the amount of suppliers that she knows within it is amazingly helpful. She keeps on top of all the trends to ensure that the right couples are being attracted to our business and they are then working with the right suppliers.

Nina has made the transition of offering weddings at our venues so much easier, she has saved us an incredible amount of time and we know we are getting it right straight away.

Working with Nina has been an absolute pleasure, her knowledge, expertise and passion are second to none and I honestly cannot recommend her services enough.I will definitely be in touch for future projects.

Jas Teesna

General Manager, The Counting House

Occasion queens |The Counting house Wedding Venue | Wedding specialists & Venue Consultancy

Nina came into the Counting House to support our Events Manager in bringing our offering to customers up to a standard that was more efficient and more effective. Thanks to her we now have event, meeting and wedding packages that beat our nearest competitors and our customers love!

We have seen an increase in our sales, our customer feedback is always exceptional and the staff have now been trained to have greater respect for their role and how they fit in to our aspirations, taking this venue to the next level.

You can tell that Nina is passionate about weddings, she has transformed the way we work and it is shown very easily by the increase in bookings for next years weddings. She has reviewed our marketing, the way we show couples the venue and the packages that we offer. Everything she said just works!

From a management point of view, Nina has helped me to strengthen the team and utilise their skill sets in the right areas. She has helped to highlight concerns and ensure that they are addressed in a way that builds a solid team. On a personal level I feel privileged to have Nina working with me. Pub management can be very tunnel vision sometimes and it’s great to have someone from the outside to open my eyes to doing things differently and more efficiently.



Bryony Graham  

Venue Owner, The Barns at Lodge Farm

Occasion queens |The barns at lodge farm Wedding Venue | Wedding specialists & Venue Consultancy

I was fortunate enough to meet Nina soon after securing planning permission to convert several of the family’s redundant farm buildings into a wedding and events venue – and I cannot recommend her services more highly.

As a new venue, we were on a very steep learning curve during the first couple of years, and I’m honestly not sure what we would have done without Nina’s input! I had no idea how much we were missing from our event management processes until I met her. We are managing an ambitious programme of renovation work over the autumn/winter months whilst taking bookings and holding events during the summer, and taking on Nina’s advice and support with the event management side of things has taken the pressure off vastly.

We now have the time and energy to concentrate on the management and development of the venue itself, whilst knowing that the day to day event management and client communication is now streamlined, efficient and professional. It’s amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can bring, whether you’re a brand new venue like us, or an established venue that has been running like clockwork for years. Undoubtedly incredible value for money, and absolutely worth every penny!