It is important to us that all our couples are looked after by the best of the best. Everyone who is part of the Occasion Queens team, The Queens, are highly experienced wedding planners in their own right. Each one of our Queens gives their all to your day, making sure it runs just as you planned.


We work mainly across London and the Home Counties. We love a wedding in Essex, Surrey, Oxford, the Cotswold but should your wedding be outside that area then do still get in touch, we want to be there on the day for as many people as possible! 

Now meet the stress relievers behind OQ…

nina occasion queens


Since starting in the events industry in 2003, I have worked with many different clients in various contexts, having experience as an organiser, consultant, guest and host. I am truly passionate about making events stress free, perfectly executed and enjoyable for all parties involved.

On a personal note, see Instagram stories for my regular cooking failures and seeing the many hours spent at my desk! I adore seeing my friends for brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks (happy with all three in the same day) and love nothing more than a police/prison/A&E reality programme (I have seen them all!).

Team OQ is one I'm very proud of - every day it is evolving and growing into more greatness! The people that I surround myself with are truly an extension of me, I trust them all with my babies (your wedding) and know they are all experts within weddings. 

Rhiannon occasion queens


“I have been working in events for over 10 years and thanks to a love of spreadsheets and keeping things on time, weddings are just the one thing I adore working on. I have been working as part of the OQ team for a long time now and it has taken me all over to so many different venues and met some truly amazing couples. 

Also, you should know I’m bionic! there’s a battery pack in my bum cheek and wires in my spine sending out electric currents to keep me moving…so I literally can’t stop!’

Rhiannon is on it! She loves large guest numbers, lots of logistics and can be relied upon to remember the tiniest details on the day. Nothing gets past her, her determination to ensure your day is everything you want it to be is exactly what you need on your wedding day and an essential part of being part of our OQ team.

katie occasion queens


“I started my career as a qualified silversmith/jeweller so I’ve always loved making things with my hands and letting my creativity flow to make beautiful designs and that was when I got into weddings.  Design and small details are my thing and I’m a dab hand at balloon installation, too. 

Fun fact, I used to be a professional dancer and still stand in First position without even realising!”

Katie has this unique ability on the day of a wedding to be literally everybody's best friend, parents adore her, guests think she's cool and let’s not get started on the grandparents. To do this and completely coordinate a wedding to perfection is a real skill that we so value here at OQ. 

andri occasion queens


“I have over a decade of experience in the industry, and love to blend my creative vision, with incredible industry connections whilst having a practical hands-on approach. I want to be there for you on your wedding day so you can enjoy celebrating your love surrounded by your closest friends and family.

I’m Greek Cypriot and had the “Big Fat Greek Wedding” but with only 180 guests I’d call that a small Greek wedding!”

Andri is a 4’11 power ball of energy, there is nothing that stops her on a wedding day and she is always right there when you need her. With so many years in the industry, there is nothing that she hasn’t seen or can’t do, her insight is so valuable to OQ.

natasha occasion queens


“I’ve always been an organiser and spinner of many plates. I worked as a PA and managed corporate events for more than 10 years which fulfilled my love of logistics but left my creativity in the cold so being a wedding planner was just a seamless transition. I have been a member of the OQ Team almost since its inception, and I love how well we work together, whatever the circumstances! 

My wedding was featured in Wedding Ideas Magazine (way back when) which I love and am holding onto!!“

Natasha is the Queen of all things marquees! She has experienced every scenario and conquered every situation they bring which also means she can adapt to every venue style going - she knows it all which is an essential skill when it comes to on the day coordination, especially at OQ.