Since starting in the events industry in 2003 Nina has worked with a number of different clients in various contexts having experience as an organiser, consultant, guest and host.

She is truly passionate about making events stress free, perfectly executed and enjoyable for all parties involved.


Because Occasion Queens believes that everyone deserves a stress free celebration, we want to provide our services to as many people as possible. That means we have an awesome team of event managers. These people have worked with Nina for several years and she knows that they all have as much passion and love for your wedding as she does. Nina can spot a good event coordinator a mile off, she can see if they are a ‘doer’, have attention to detail, are well organised, have OCD tendencies (always helps!) but most of all - can follow a table plan!

Team OQ is one to be very proud of and every day is evolving and growing into more greatness.