Wedding | Venue Consultancy

Nina Beer, founder of Occasion Queens, has over 15 years experience within the events industry and brings a huge amount of knowledge and expertise from both sides of the table.

Do you have a gorgeous new wedding venue but you’re unsure of how to reach your dream clients? Perhaps you’ve been open a while, but your enquiries are lower than you’d like, and you need some guidance and a tailored boost to up those all-important conversion rates.

Whatever your issue or area of uncertainty, I can help.

A wedding venue is the most important piece of a couple’s wedding planning puzzle: it’s the stage on which the happiest and most memorable day of their lives is played out. The unique atmosphere of your venue will set the tone for so many other elements of the day, from the décor to the food to the attire, so it’s important that your offering is on point. Opening up your venue to weddings can be a hugely fulfilling exercise – there’s the chance to have a real impact on people, and to become profitable and successful as a business.

My consultancy gives your venue the opportunity to learn and grow, with personalised and dedicated training that will help you to reach your ideal client through creative marketing, clearly structured packages and showcasing your spaces in the most effective way possible.

I understand how hard it can be to stand out in as crowded a field as the wedding industry, but my advice and support will help you to define what it is that makes you unique. Together, we’ll work on adapting your offering and speaking to your ideal target audience, to help you reach your full potential.

We’ll take things step by step, and you’ll receive a bespoke report and action plan, plus the tools and strategies you’ll need to take your venue to the next step.

To find out more about how I can help your wedding venue to thrive, check out my Consultancy Services, or get in touch for a chat.