Confession time... ever since I saw J Lo in The Wedding Planner, running around clad with radio mic and falling in love with the groom, I knew that was the job for me (minus the falling in love with the groom part, obvs!!) But it wasn’t until it came to planning my own wedding that I really took that dream seriously. 

I love a spreadsheet, a to-do list and being in control.

Those three things are very important to me (which yes, can drive my husband mad). So when it came to my wedding I didn’t want a wedding planner. But with over 18 years of experience in events, I also knew that all the logistics and setting up on the morning couldn’t involve me and if I was about to relinquish control of all my hard work, it had to be to someone good! Cue OQ…

In 2016 I founded Occasion Queens (OQ), the first company in the UK to specialise in purely On The Day Coordination, and since then my team and I have gone on to help over 300 couples bring their wedding dreams to life.


We are consummate organisers and stress relievers - passionate about making the experience special for everyone involved, right from the very first conversation. On the day, we'll make sure everything looks just as you planned it to be, ensuring everything is perfectly executed and coordinated. We want everyone to make memories in all the right ways which means you are relaxed and in the moment. 

For couples, we know it is all about the perfect day. We deliver on the day set-up and coordination that gives you the freedom to focus on celebrating in style and the reassurance that everything is always under control.

For venues, it's about pulling it all together seamlessly to make sure their day is a special one. We provide tailored training, structured support and expert guidance to help you shine as brightly as you deserve to.

The OQ ethos is: attentive, stylish, quality, cool, detailed and easy. These six words really do encapsulate the spirit of the team and everything we do.