Before we meet I need to get to know you and what you want to achieve. I will therefore send you a short survey which will give me key insights into your current situation. It will also help me to know who your target market is.

Then it’s time for the first face-to-face consultation. Following the path of a couple, our meeting will start with you showing me around your venue, talking me through the logistics of how you use your spaces, and showcasing the aesthetics and unique qualities of your current services.

We will then sit down and assess where you are within your business: looking closely at your budgets and resources. We’ll have an open and honest conversation about the challenges you face, marketing plans and what aspirations and targets you have for your venue.

During the course of your consultancy with me, we’ll:

  •             Review your current facilities and layout, how they work on a practical level and any additions that will help you to run a wedding more efficiently
  •     Look at your current marketing material and how you are currently reaching your audience. This will include your website, social media, brochures and any other handouts that fall within your customers’ journey with you.
  •     Assess your resources and support in order to give your clients the best customer experience, both in the run up to and on the day of their wedding
  •     Review your offering, including the content, pricing and presentation, making sure it aligns with the expectations and requirements of your ideal client
  •     Look at the suppliers you are recommending to your couples and ensure they match your venue, offering you introductions to new suppliers that will work perfectly with your venue and help drive your business forward.

After this you will receive an in-depth and personalised report, giving overviews, suggestions and recommendations for all aspects that we have discussed. You will be left with an action plan that supports you with the ongoing process of reaching your end goal – increased sales, that allow you to create beautiful weddings for your dream clients.

Giving you some time to digest everything, we follow up with a 30 minute Skype to enable you to ask any questions and feel confident in pushing your business to the next level.