Flying Start


As well as making sure you have what you need to attract your ideal client and increase your sales, it is also important to ensure you have all the information and supporting documents to help you on that journey. Therefore I also offer our flying start  resource bundle which contains:

  •   The complete guide to running a wedding on the day, which includes: function sheets, running orders, decor guides and how best to use these to support your couples.
  •    The ultimate customer journey experience template to ensure all your couples feel fully supported
  •    A guide to the perfect showround
  •    Enquiry tracker template
  •    What to include in the best event box to get you through every tricky situation
  •     Suggested FAQs for your marketing material
  •     An online resources list to make you more efficient and effective with your time
  •     The how and why to working with blogs to ensure you get the most publicity possible