Nina was a godsend! She was so incredibly committed to my wedding - at times it felt like she cared more about it than I did! It was also great to have someone to bounce ideas off - I didn’t like talking to friends or family about it because I felt like a total Bridezilla wedding bore, so she was really the only person I could talk to, and I actually felt like she gave a s**t. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone planning a wedding. Thanks Occasion Queens!
— Catriona & Haakan
Occasion Queens were the most professional supplier I dealt with throughout my wedding planning. Their commitment, understanding and support was second to none. They came to me highly recommended and now I understand why. Affordable, professional and downright can’t afford not to have them be a part of your wedding.
— Angie & Paolo's
Occasion Queens were the best supplier we had at our wedding! Firstly, they greatly helped us come up with theme ideas about one year in advance (the ‘inspiration session’). Then, we met a few weeks before the wedding to finalise our decor plans and on the day of the actual wedding, Nina went above and beyond helping with decor! We had some problems at our venue in which she quickly helped to sort out. We felt that without her, our wedding would not have run as smoothly. 
— Liz & Daniel
Nina was quite literally the Queen of our Occasion! She was present with ideas, suggestions, advice and wedding hacks from even before we officially booked their services for our day. They were open and amazingly receptive of all of our visions and were immensely practical in their planning. Their attention to detail in their delivery made our venue look perfect and allowed us to enjoy our wedding preparations on the day and made the morning stress free - just as it should be! 
— Elizabeth & Michael