Why Site Visits Aren't on Our Checklist: Trusting Our Expertise for a Flawless Wedding Day!


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Ok this is controversial… but we don’t do site visits!

There are four walls (or a garden), plug sockets, an entrance, and an exit—the basic elements you need for your amazing wedding. We've been in the wedding industry for over seven years, and we've mastered the art of quickly assessing a venue. We know what works and what doesn't, and we can visualise your wedding layout in a snap.

You might wonder how we do it. Well, we've honed our skills to expertly navigate venue spaces without physically being there. We rely on the power of technology, your extensive photo collection, Google Earth, and your venue's website and Instagram to gather all the information we need. These tools allow us to visualise your space, plan logistics, and create a seamless flow for your big day—all without the extra cost of a site visit!

The secret lies in our exclusive Inspiration Session. During this session, we dive into the details of your wedding, understanding your vision and preferences. We ask you to share your venue photos and videos, helping us grasp the layout and ambiance. It's astonishing how much insight we can gain within just ten minutes! Trust us; we've got this covered.

We pride ourselves on providing peace of mind to our couples. We've encountered numerous venues, each unique in its own way. Take Euridge Manor, for example—a stunning venue with many spaces. When we arrived on the wedding day (having never been there before), we learned that evening plans had changed, certain elements needed relocation, and groomsmen required some gentle nudging to get things on track. There was tension in the air, but within minutes, we had transformed the atmosphere. Calmness and serenity took over, and everyone—couple, parents, wedding party, and venue—were all smiles, fully immersed in enjoying their special day. We might not have known where everything was initially, but our expertise and quick thinking saved the day—it's what we do, and it's why you hire us! 

We understand that site visits are essential for some suppliers such as caterers and wedding planners. However, if you're seeking an exceptional on-the-day coordination experience, rest assured that we'll use our seasoned skills and modern tools to create the wedding of your dreams.

So, let's ditch the traditional and embrace the efficient. Trust us for a wedding day that flows seamlessly, without the need for a site visit! 

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Photos courtesy of Freya Raby Photography.