Autumn wedding trends for 2024


Autumn wedding photos. Wedding Day Coordinator


Autumn weddings in 2024 are set to be all about creativity, personalisation, and unique details! Taking inspiration from this year's trends and upping the ante just a little, be prepared for out-of-the-box ideas and colourful wedding schemes to make a statement.

Personalisation will be everywhere - from your invitations, groomsmen's suits and wedding favours. Make your Autumn wedding completely unique by personalising every aspect of it. Work with wedding suppliers who can create custom designs that will infuse your personality throughout your wedding day.

Of course, traditional vibrant Autumn colours will still be popular in 2024 but with a twist. Make your wedding stand out with bold colour combinations, contrasting hues and alternative colour palettes. Take Autumn colours to the next level - your options to be creative are endless!

When it comes to decor, go big and be dramatic. Make an impact with eye-catching backdrops and floral arches. Decorate every inch of your wedding venue with bespoke colourful decor to make a statement. Why not include unique textures and natural elements like pine cones and vibrant seasonal leaves?

To make your tablescape pop - add jewel-toned glassware, coloured candles, and hand-painted decor accents. Multi-coloured crockery and glassware will be trending for 2024 with mix-and-match designs that are perfect for adding your personality and unique style to your wedding reception. 

For brides, alternative wedding outfits will be all the rage. If you want to be part of the colourful wedding dress trend - opt for a gown with hints of florals, coloured underskirts or veils with 3D details and colours. 

However, you choose to make your 2024 Autumn wedding unique, embrace your creativity, add your personal style and don’t be afraid to use plenty of colour! We can’t wait to see what our couples have chosen for their 2024 weddings. 

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