How To Pin Your Way To The Perfect Event

Let’s be honest, Pinterest is brilliant and crazy all at the same time! It gives so much inspiration for all the things that are possible – whether it’s buying on Etsy or making it yourself - as well as showing you the bizarre and wonderfully mad things that people have now started to introduce into their celebrations! Your party ideas are all there! 

We speak to so many people who are organising their birthday party or wedding and are pinning away. I know for my own wedding I had over 1000 pins for so many different elements that it definitely got a bit overwhelming.

But how do you make it into something that you can actually use, something that ensures you have brought together all those ideas into something that creates your perfect event? Here’s how…

The most common mistake that people make is having just one board. How many ‘My Wedding’ or ‘My 30th birthday’ boards with 600 pins do we see?! Too many! Start by breaking the boards down into the elements you want. For example:

  • Invites

  • Save the date

  • Flowers

  • Food

  • Drink

  • Photobooth

  • Decorations

  • Balloons

  • Cake

This way you will start to get an idea of all the different aspects you want to include (and more will develop as time goes on!)

Whatever aspects these may be, create a board for each one and then go mad!! Pin as many things as you like. You will find you naturally move through each one as time dictates and as your ideas get bigger. You may see something in a magazine or from a friend’s party on Facebook that you love and then you find every pin related to it. Just pin pin pin! 

Your boards will now start to evolve into something you really love and the same pins will start coming up that you’ve already pinned. At this point, go through each board and narrow down your pins. Delete every pin that doesn’t make you think, ‘Eeek, I need this now!’, ‘Wow, stunning, gorgeous, this is a bit of me!’, ‘Genius, I will never live with myself if this doesn’t happen!’ ‘Erh, I am so making this and have half the stuff already!’. If it doesn’t get you excited – let it go! If you are ruthless you will then be left with what your heart desires, a theme that works for you and ideas that you can’t wait to get going on.

At this point you want to bring those ideas together into one board – this is now your one master board. You should only put one or two pins from each element into your master board. Make sure you choose the best of the best! By doing this, not only does it create an instant to do list, but it really makes you decide on what you really want.

And there you have it! By following this process you are funnelling those big ideas into your dream occasion, your perfect party and a concept that you can make happen. We hope our guide has been useful. You’re more than welcome to book a one-on-one wedding inspiration session with us if you’d like our help!