Wedding Evening Snack ideas!

Wedding reception food van


The food doesn't stop after your wedding breakfast! Keep your wedding celebration going strong into the night by fueling your guests with fun late-night wedding evening food. After burning up the dance floor, your guests will start to get hungry again around 9:30pm, so make sure you have some evening snacks for them.

We love food trucks for the variety and convenience they offer. You might not have considered them before and only thought of them being at music festivals, but they are honestly amazing! Get creative and think what your perfect evening snack would be after you've had a few glasses of wine… and I can assure you there is a food truck out there that serves that! It could be a chippy van, a gourmet vegan pizza truck, a BBQ or even a cheeky pancake stack. Whether you love sweet or savoury in the evening, your guests will eat whatever your food truck is offering. 

Coffee or espresso bars are also a firm favourite with wedding guests to quench their caffeine craving with a freshly made barista coffee to give them energy for the rest of the night! Trust us on this one, you will have a lot of happy faces if you have this coffee station! 

Food trucks for your reception is a relaxed way to hire catering for your wedding. It doesn't interrupt the flow of your evening as they set up quickly and serve food whenever your guests are ready, meaning not everyone will leave the dance floor the minute food arrives! Equally at the end of the night the food trucks can easily pack away leaving no trace they were even there. 

So if you want some creative and delicious food at your wedding reception that your guests will be raving about, let’s find them for you! During our inspiration sessions we help you discover the perfect evening food to satisfy your guests late night cravings! 

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