What’s a Wedding Day Emergency Kit Bag?

London wedding coordinator

Want to know our wedding day secret weapon? It's our emergency kit bag! 

When it comes to wedding days, we come prepared for anything - and we mean anything! Our emergency kit bags are lifesavers, packed with every essential under the sun to conquer whatever hiccups head your way. We've got the goods to guarantee a smooth, stress-free wedding day.

After years in the industry and countless weddings under our belts, we know first-hand the value of an emergency kit. Ours are filled to the brim with must-haves like breath mints, tampons, plasters, painkillers - you name it! Experience has taught us that surprises pop up, and you've got to be ready.

Each of our coordinators arrives armed with their own tried-and-tested emergency kit bag. We never leave home without them! When little problems arise, we spring into action - sewing loose buttons, removing stains, fixing torn dresses, handing out blister plasters, and anything else you can imagine.

When we say we’ve been there and done that, we mean it! Charging a bride's dead phone to giving tissues to a teary mother of the bride - our kits have it all covered. We want to make sure every single person has the best experience possible on your wedding day, and we are here to make that happen. 

Take it from us, having a professional by your side who anticipates every eventuality is invaluable to you. Let us handle the hiccups and hard work so that you and your guests can simply relax and soak up every joyful moment of your wedding day. Our emergency kits are just one of the ways we've got your back from morning until midnight!

Want to learn more about how we can support you on the big day? Get in touch - we're here to help your wedding dreams come true smoothly and stylishly!


Cover photo courtesy of Czerminski Photography